Bespoke digital storytelling
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Using tailored cinematic aesthetics and modern filmmaking techniques we reveal the heart of your project’s unique story.

The Team
Story Division puts multi in multidisciplinary. 
Jerad got his first taste of filmmaking as a Music Video Commissioner, which lead eventually to various flavors of Producing, and a passion for making personal documentaries. Ever since, he has been Directing, Writing, Editing, Shooting, making GIFs, and whatever else he can do to help the cause, for a multitude of different clients both big and small.
Cory spent the first decade of his career as a gun-for-hire advertising Art Director/ Copywriter before switching to the client-side to become a Director of Marketing/ Head of Production. He later worked as a Product Manager and UX/UI Designer, and now finally living his best life, working as an Executive Producer/ Creative Director. 
Together, they are a seriously (and sometimes not so serious) agile team steeped in filmmaking, design, and a love of discovering connective ideas for your stories and projects.
Their exhaustive experience, resources, and strategic partnerships will bring more-experience-than-you-can-afford to any project you have.
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